Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Mini Review of Rumor Has It

I'd say stop snickering that tabloid favorite Jennifer Aniston is starring in a movie called "Rumor Has It," but that irony is one of the funniest things about the film.

To be fair, that isn't exactly true. There are about 45 minutes of a good movie stretched across "Rumor Has It," which claims the events that took place in "The Graduate" were based on real people.

Aniston stars as the granddaughter of the inspiration for the famed Mrs. Robinson, played here with scene-stealing zest by Shirley MacLaine. When Aniston discovers the rumors about her family are true she seeks out the real Ben Braddock (Kevin Costner). Awkwardness ensues when Aniston becomes the third generation to sleep with him.

Aniston is an engaging lead and Costner shows a quiet sense of humor and charm that many viewers may have forgotten. Sadly, both Costner and MacLaine are underused as the film shifts to sticky romance. Director Rob Riener, once one the best American directors working, wastes a funny premise by losing sharp comedy in a mess of tired, formulaic clich├ęs.

While there are some laughs for fans of "The Graduate," those unfamiliar with that film should stay away.

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